2022-06-27 10:15:46

More is less! We at Perictronics are looking for suppliers of code writers. We are interested in coding tools applications, graphical games and "stubbs" that solve diffrent problems. The source code can be written in C, C++ or Java and must be go through compilation without any errors or warnings.

- For coding tools applications + the source code, we are paying between 1500 kr to 2500 kr.

- For graphical games that works and the source code, between 1000 kr - 2500 kr.

- For "stubbs", that solves diffrent problems i.e. mathematically problems or it can solve something else + the source code, somewhere between 100 kr - 250 kr.

The environment for your game/application/stubb should be as following: Windows 10 - 64-bit.

Do not hesitate! Send in your application/stubb + the source code to Games/Application/Stubbs today and get payed, if it's something we want!

2018-11-29 15:39:06

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