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.: Perictronics the company for you!

Perictronics is a company that deals with software quality, software robustness and software reliability. Having customers in different areas that develop software gives you the benefit of what software comes down to, software quality in the end. Have you build your software according to the sofware rules/processes that are given from the quality department or maybe the software department?. But does it give the quality that your customer demands or have in mind? Many things can go wrong when you develop software, for example, time pressure on the project members, does it generate the quality that we want? It goes hand in hand if you have done a bad job, the impact is that your aftermarket team gets more to do when they could be working with developing products for your company instead of doing alot of work on the aftermarket. If you want more infomation plase do not hesitate to conatct us!


.: How can Perictronics help your company?

We have four step software quality insurance strategy and depending of what kind of quality insurance level you want, the levels are briefly explained down below:

1. On this level Perictronics tests your software and hand over a report of the software quality.

2. On this level we need more insigth of the software i.e. how it is built and so on. A fully bug report is generated, improvements that could be done on the system. On this level Perictronics wants to test several software updates to determent the quality of the software and how it is built.

3. On this level Perictronics take care of the testing of the software, from the point of agreement to the end of the project. Perictronics takes full responsibility if your endcustomer finds critical software bugs.

4. Perictronics is with you from the project start to the end of the project. Perictronics takes full responsibility for the software testing and critical/non critical software bugs. On this level you will get a Perictronics certificate that you can stamp on your product, to ensure the end-user of it's software quality wich of course is zero bugs.

.: Does your company need to update/optimization of your developement process? Is your company growing and needs to get a development process to work in an organized and structured way? We have a lot experience how your development teams could work to achieve better precision in their work and in the end it will get more time/money saving and the customer relations will flourish.

.: Has your company already worked out how you shall work, but need some help with the testing of your products?

.: Or do you need to setup test environment/systems? We have a alot experiense how you can do that and what you should think about when you develope it and setting it up. Do not hesitate to contact us!

.: State of the art software testing

Perictronics is the best company within software testing. The test teams that work with software testings are the best. The people who work in our teams are hand picked with experience in software development and later went on software testing as a profession or people that has the eye for software testing. That's why we at Perictronics has introduced Perictronics certificate that shows, that your comapny has gone through our hard and demanding software quality insurance program from the beginning (level four customers) to the end. So that in the end your company gets to save time, money and a happy endcostumer without bug in there product and that they will return to your company as a costumer with more products to develop with you.

.: Perictronics aims to achieve higher goals

With our experience in software testing/testing processes we want to guarantee that after our software testing there will be a zero tolerance for bugs in the products. Our refined testing and testing processes shows that we achieve this goals every time we get contracted.

.: Perictronics fights for our planet!

In Perictronics we want to take responsible for our environment her on earth, that why we cordinate how we travel between our missions and trying to get our customers think on how they can improve in these areas. Many things can bee accomplish if we work together for a better environment!

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